Phillip Deneault deneaulp at
Wed Nov 1 16:28:12 EDT 2017

I've got a use-case which would be perfect to use argus to push data via
argus_output_stream.  Instead of going to a multicast address, it would be
great if it could simply go to a single address.  If I do point argus-udp
to a unicast address, it _seems_ to work, as packets are sent to the other
destination on udp/561. Huzzah!

However... what do I set up on the other side to listen for this traffic?
Argus listens on TCP port, as does all the other ra* services according to
the docs.

I can't just change argus-udp to argus-tcp in Argus... as it throws this

argus: ArgusError: 01 Nov 17 16:24:29.706660 ArgusInitOutput: open
argus-tcp://<ip>:561: No such file or directory

Thoughts?  I'm thinking(hoping) there's already a feature somewhere that's
just not documented well enough for me to understand.

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