Argus flow direction

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Tue May 9 13:29:21 EDT 2017

Greetings to the list...

I'm trying to understand why I'm seeing a second flow with an ambiguous
direction for this traffic. Given the saddr, sport, daddr, dport, proto are
all the same and the start/last times fit within the first line, I would
have thought it would have been considered part of that connection.

racluster -m saddr sport daddr dport -r argus-eth0.20170307*.gz -s stime
ltime proto saddr sport dir daddr dport pkts bytes dur - ipv4 and proto 6
and  net

               StartTime                 LastTime                 Proto
SrcAddr  Sport   Dir        DstAddr  Dport  TotPkts   TotBytes     Dur
17-03-07 16:04:56.830048 17-03-07 16:31:07.160901      6     ->         10       1799  1570.3308*
17-03-07 16:26:39.835133 17-03-07 16:26:39.835244      6     <?>         2        120     0.000111

Any insight would be appreciated!


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