How does srcid work?

Richard Rothwell via Argus-info argus-info at
Sun Mar 20 19:19:03 EDT 2016

Hi List,

I am having trouble getting srcid to behave as expected.

My immediate problem is getting the streams from multiple routers labelled when passed into radium.
This is using the command line:

sudo /usr/local/sbin/radium -S cisco://any:9002 -S cisco://any:9006 -S cisco://any:9014 -S cisco://any:9019 -d -e 02 -P 562 -w /tmp/radium_20160319.argus -- local dur lte 300

I’m sort of hoping that srcid can contain the router id, a number representing a truncated IP address would be enough.
If not what is the recommend solution?

But there are other puzzles.

  1.  When sourcing data via the argus daemon only the ‘hostname’ option seems to work. Bug perhaps?
  2.  When sourcing data from radium I expect the –e option to provide the srcid, but that does not work at all. Is this expectation wrong?
  3.  How to get srcid or something else to represent the router id in the argus records as noted above?

Regards from Richard
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