radium threading for one dat stream

Richard Rothwell via Argus-info argus-info at lists.andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 16 21:35:42 EDT 2016

Hi Carter,

I am looking now at scaling of Argus radium for our main target router.
A couple of questions:

The Juniper outer is set up for sampling at a 1:10 rate on the recommendation of Juniper.
Is router sampling an issue for creating the Argus bidirectional records?

Testing on a small traffic router repressing about 2% of total traffic I am seeing 6% average CPU load.
For our big router representing 20% of total traffic I would expect the CPU load to be 60%.
The server is running 8 cores so it should be able to provide 800% load.
So can radium utilise all cores (800%) when it is processing just one stream?
Or is radium arranged so that there is one thread per stream?

Regards from Richard

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