EXTERNAL: Re: Raconvert does not produce the same binary output file

Ngo, John W john.w.ngo at lmco.com
Wed Sep 16 16:11:53 EDT 2015

Hi Carter,

Attached is are the files that demonstrate the error.  You’ll need to remove the allow extension since my company’s firewall blocks zip extensions.  Here’s how I’ve generated the included files.

1.)    Starting with the Argus binary archive, convert to Netflow:
ra -r argus.2015-09-14T19:20:01Z.colsv2500808.gz -F /etc/logsearch/ra.conf &> argus.2015-09-14T19:20:01Z.colsv2500808.netflow

2.)    Convert Netflow to Binary

raconvert -r argus.2015-09-14T19:20:01Z.colsv2500808.netflow -w argus.2015-09-14T19:20:01Z.colsv2500808_derived.gz

3.)    Convert Binary back to Netflow

ra -r argus.2015-09-14T19:20:01Z.colsv2500808_derived.gz -F /etc/logsearch/ra.conf &> argus.2015-09-14T19:20:01Z.colsv2500808_derived.netflow

If you compare the original netflow against the derived netflow using a diff tool like WinMerge, you’ll see differences in the flags, direction, and state field.  Also for some reason, I had to move the ordering of the state field after destination port (dport).  If make state the very last column, I get the following error:

raconvert[58788]: 14:07:08.327692 ArgusParseSrcPacketsLabel(0x2cee9010s, CON) strtol error Success

Thanks again for your help. It is much appreciated.


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Hey John,
That's a pretty good test of conversion !!!
Any idea as to what stage the discrepancies appear in ??
If you can share a file that can demonstrate the errors, with the command line to recreate it, I'll take a look at it !!

On Sep 15, 2015, at 9:48 PM, Ngo, John W <john.w.ngo at lmco.com<mailto:john.w.ngo at lmco.com>> wrote:
Greetings.  I’m currently having issues with the raconvert tool.  What I’m trying to do is convert an Argus binary file to a Netflow using the ra command. Then I am using raconvert to turn it back to binary, and then use the ra tool on the derived binary file to produce a second netflow file.  I’m comparing both netflow files and I’m noticing significant differences between the two.  Some netflow events appear to match, however most are off by a few flags.  Has anyone tried this and noticed these discrepancies using the raconvert command?  Is there a particular configuration I should be using when generating the first netflow file?

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