Patch for stripping ERSPAN type II

Carter Bullard via Argus-info argus-info at
Thu Nov 12 12:39:31 EST 2015

Hey Ming,
Thanks !!  I haven't had a chance to look at the patch, but did you add a parser for a new  DLT_TYPE, or did you use another strategy.  Are there other DLT_TYPES that you need ???

Hope all is most excellent,

> On Nov 10, 2015, at 1:58 PM, MING FU via Argus-info <argus-info at> wrote:
> Hi Carter,
> I have a patch to strip off Cisco ERSPAN type II header and reveal its encapsulated Ethernet payload. This currently only strip the header off. It does not make use of the VLAN ID in the header yet.
> If someone has sample traffic for ERSPAN type III or ERSPAN type II with the VLAN ID set. I would appreciate if you can with me share some pcap capture.
> Best Regards,
> Ming
> <patchfile>
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