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Mon Dec 28 13:35:47 EST 2015

I'm currently attempting to write my own Argus Client in Python to get a
better sense of the data\ format that is contained in the Argus records as
it does it's collection. I am to the point where I am connecting to the tcp
socket established by Argus and then sending the "START: " command to the
socket and gathering the data into a file, to inspect the records manually
and try and reconcile what is contained in the record against what's shown
in the argus_v3_def.h file, but it seems like the records that I'm
collecting don't match up with the information in the .h file. My first
question is the obvious, am I looking in the right place in the code for
the info that I need to actually parse what I'm getting, and secondly, if I
am, could you offer any insight into reading the Argus records. (For an
example I'm looking at what should be the "type" field, but what I'm
collecting doesn't match up with anything regarding the "Type" in the
argus_v3_def.h file). Thanks for any help you can offer.
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