raservices signature file

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Thanks very much.
What is the general idea of raservices?
Is there a field which holds the detected protocol that raservices can print?
I see a label field but this doesn't print what I expect - the
detected protocol.
Maybe I've got completely the wrong end of the stick!

On 6 December 2015 at 01:32, David Edelman <dedelman at iname.com> wrote:
> It is in the client distribution in /support/Config/std.sig
> This is really a basic sample but the instructions are in the first few lines of the header:
>   rauserdata -d16 -e encode32
> --Da ve
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> Hello list
> Does anyone have an raservices.dat file, the one you pass to raservices to aid in protocol identification?
> There is mention of it in a flocon presentation but I can't see any man page on the qosient site.
> Thanks!

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