Displaying / filtering IPv6 ICMP types and codes

Ken Welker kwelker at vt.edu
Mon Aug 3 11:42:01 EDT 2015

Hi!  I'm using argus to explore options for analyzing IPv6 flows, and am 
having trouble figuring out how to display all ipv6-icmp Types and 
Codes.  The default display shows the Type in the Sport field, and a 
text summary code in the State field.  Perhaps the Code is included in 
the Dport field, but it always seems to be 0.

Simple example:
ra -c, -r argus_file.gz - proto ipv6-icmp

gives the following

22:59:02.021047, e 

While the State field summarizes many of the type/code combinations, it 
doesn't cover them all, especially rare or undefined combinations.  IPv6 
use is increasing, and since ICMPv6 plays such a central role, it's 
likely that anomalous ICMPv6 traffic will increase as well.

Is it possible to display and/or filter on all numeric ICMPv6 Types and 
Codes?  If not, may this be added?

Thank you!


Ken Welker
kwelker at vt.edu

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