Filter issue

George Van Osterom george at
Sun Nov 30 13:46:07 EST 2014

Hi Carter,

I’m seeing some discrepancies with how the ra filtering is working… do you
have any ideas as to the root cause, or a possible fix?

You can see here that using ‘host’ works fine, it catches the
three packets I’m sending

# ra -S localhost:3333 - host

         StartTime      Flgs  Proto            SrcAddr  Sport
Dir            DstAddr  Dport  TotPkts   TotBytes State

   13:28:45.013039  * s         tcp           ->        2        152   REQ

   13:28:45.013050  *           arp          who               4        248   INT

   13:28:45.013074  * s         tcp           ->             2        152   REQ

   13:28:45.013082  * s         tcp           ->             2        152   REQ

Now, the same packets being sent, adding a ‘src’ to the filter:

# ra -S localhost:3333 - src host

<<No records>>

I’ve tried a few different variations, to include ()s and other logic, but
can’t seem to get any results. Additionally, running the same ‘src host’
bpf with tcpdump appears to work just fine. Any light you could shine on
this would be appreciated, thank you!

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