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I wrote the two attached upstart jobs a couple of years ago. They are 
running on Ubuntu server 12.04 and seem to work just fine. I learned 
just enough about Upstart to write these, so I'm no Upstart expert. Use 
them as a guide or just use them.

I just read this week that Canonical has decided to drop Upstart and 
follow Debian's lead and go with systemd. So we will have to learn how 
to use systemd.  Canonical said they won't change in the up coming 
release 14.04 but will change to systemd in 14.10.

Hope this helps,

On 02/21/2014 09:40 PM, Peter Moody wrote:
> Has anyone managed to write an upstart config for starting up argus? Upstart knows how to deal with either one or two fork/clone calls but it looks like argus calls clone 4 times so upstart doesn't know which pid to track.
> Cheers,
> peter

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# Upstart job for Argus daemon
description "Start Argus in daemon mode after system boots and network is up"
version "1.0"
author "Barry Kolts <bhkolts at>"

# Tell upstart we are creating a daemon
# Apparently Argus only forks(2) once so use fork
# instaed of daemon
expect fork

# Tell Upstart to start Argus at boot as soon as networking
# is up
start on stopped networking

stop on starting shutdown

# Tell Upstart to respawn Argus if Argus goes down
# do this ten times in five minutes, then give up
respawn limit 10 5

# Start argus as a daemon (-d)
exec /usr/local/sbin/argus -d

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# Upstart job for rasplit an Argus client.
# This job will split the Argus data into daily files
description "Start an instance of rasplit after Argus starts"
version "1.0"
author "Barry Kolts <bhkolts at>"

# This will run as a backgound task not a daemon nor
# will it fork(2).

# Wait till Argus running to start
start on started argus 

# Stop when Argus is stopping
stop on stopping argus

# Start rasplit
exec /usr/local/bin/rasplit -S localhost -M time 1d -w /var/local/argus_data/argus_daily_splits/%Y/%m/ &

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