rabins, ragraph and aggregation of protocols

Jesper Skou Jensen jesper.skou.jensen at uni-c.dk
Tue Feb 11 09:24:59 EST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm using rabins and ragraph to create some nice PNG graphs and I would 
like to be able to show only specific protols and aggregate the rest 
into one.

At the moment I use "rabins proto pkts -M 1s -r input.ra -w 
output.rabins" to creatate rabins files every time I rotate my files and 
then later on I trawl those rabins files with ragraph and create the PNG 

The .rabins files contain tcp, udp, esp, icmp, llc and various other 
protocols and when I create the PNG graphs they are shown in various colors.

I would like to keep tcp, udp and aggregate the rest into a combined 
misc bin. Is that possible? As in to show tcp as green, udp as blue and 
misc as grey, or something like that.


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