rasplit idle closing

Jesse Bowling jessebowling at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 22:58:25 EST 2014

Built a new sensor box with my standard stack (PF_RING + argus), differing
only from other builds in that I'm using latest versions (PF_RING 5.6.2,
argus-, argus-clients- I found that the rasplit instance I
attach locally to argus appears to timeout after 10 or so minutes:

rasplit[24738.0077daf0837f0000]: 02/04/14 22:34:56.974965
ArgusReadStreamSocket (0x7f83f0c91010) read 352 bytes
rasplit[24738.0077daf0837f0000]: 02/04/14 22:34:58.975067
ArgusReadStreamSocket (0x7f83f0c91010) read 428 bytes
rasplit[24738.0077daf0837f0000]: 02/04/14 22:35:16.975751
ArgusReadStreamSocket (0x7f83f0c91010) read 460 bytes
rasplit[24738]: 02/04/14 22:37:17.016896 ArgusReadStream idle
stream: closing
rasplit[24738.0077daf0837f0000]: 02/04/14 22:37:20.979732
ArgusCloseInput(0xf0c91010) closing

This is a much smaller link than I usually monitor (100 Mb connection), but
it seems highly unlikely that there was in fact 2 minutes without a single

Any hints on where to look for the issue?



Jesse Bowling
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