argus-clients- patches

Carter Bullard carter at
Tue May 29 13:40:39 EDT 2012

Gentle people,
Sorry for the time gap, but a vacation was required.

OK, the argus-clients- patches didn't generate any email, so I'm
going to work on the idea that all is good, and that we'll proceed with
publishing the patches and the distribution later this week.

The changes are important for some of the more advanced features;
1) memory leak problems in rabins and radium when processing
argus events, and  2) fixes for rabins using complex aggregations, defined
in racluster.conf files.  While fixing these bugs, I have fixed some previously
unreported issues in time aggregation, and I've added some additional options
or features for consistency.  All is described in the ChangeLog file, but I'll
try to list the changes at the time of patch release.

I'm still waiting for a long term memory leak repair test to conclude, but all
is looking really good for release, which I'll do this week, fingers crossed.

If anyone has an opinion or bug report, please holler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All reactions are welcome,


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