new client patches for cygwin compile problems

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed May 9 13:05:44 EDT 2012

Gentle people,
We are now in a period where I'm fixing gotcha's after the official release of argus-3.0.6.
We now have two sets of fixes, a set of memory leaks and, now, a set of fixes for cygwin.
This looks to be the only issues right now.

The next round of released code will be argus-clients-, and because
these are show stopper problems, I'll officially release this next version soon.

Until I hear from the list, my strategy for testing is to put up a single patch file 
that represents the 3.0.6 to upgrade, patch-argus-clients-3-0-6-1.diff, and
to provide an accompanying argus-clients- file.   These are only
on the developers side of the site.  When all is well and good, I'll move these two
files to the stable side of the server.

As a result, I've uploaded patch-argus-clients-3-0-6-1-diff to the developers site,
and a new argus-clients-  The patch file should be applied to the
original argus-clients-3.0.6 distribution.  But, you can apply it to a previously
patch distribution, if that is your preference.  Just type carriage return in response
to patch's complaints about a previously patched chunk. 

Again I will release these final tarfiles and patches tomorrow being Thur if no other
issues come up.

Please send any comments / opinions / complaints / whatever to either me or the list !!!!
Hope all is most excellent !!!!!!

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