updated patch for memory leaks on the server

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Tue May 8 18:11:41 EDT 2012

Gentle people,
I have uploaded a new patch-all-memory-leak-clients-3-0-6.diff to the developers site,
which adds a memory leak fix for radium, when it is configured to generate geo labels
for flows its processing.

This fixes all known memory leak issues in argus-clients-3.0.6.
I've updated a new argus-clients- with these new memory leak fixes.
If you could give these a try on your systems, that would be great.  

I will release these final tarfiles and patches tomorrow or Thur.


Apply the patch by being in the parent directory that contains argus-clients-3.0.6,
and then:

   % patch -p0 < patch-memory-leak-clients-3-0-6.diff

For those that have a patch that is sensitive to RCS, SCCS, Perforce, whatever, try:

   % patch -g0 -p0 < patch-memory-leak-clients-3-0-6.diff

The you will just need to make, as there are no configure.ac changes.

   % cd argus-clients-3.0.6; make

The patch will upgrade argus-clients-3.0.6 to argus-clients-

If you had already patch your files, you should still be able to use the new patch
file to add the changes.  It may complain a bit about already having the patch, but
that would be fine.


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