argus-clients- additions - locality

elof2 at elof2 at
Wed Dec 5 15:10:20 EST 2012

On Wed, 5 Dec 2012, Carter Bullard wrote:
> # Many ra* clients process flow records where locality is an important
> # property.  Sites use locality for a number of features, such as  access control,
> # and this support is intended to support visualization, and analytics.
> #
> # Currently, you can identify a collection of IP addresses that represent RA_LOCAL,
> # and are specified using an iana-address-file formatted file.  (See ralabel.conf)
> RA_LOCAL=/usr/local/argus/local.addrs

Wow! Sounds great!

> # When locality information is available, programs like ra(), and
> # ratop() can use that information to make display decisions, such
> # as the assignement of source when the data does not provide
> # enough information to definitively make that assignment.
> #
> # RA_LOCAL_DIRECTION provides the logic for using the locality
> # information to assign flow direction.  You can force the local
> # address to be either the source (src) or the destination (dst).
> #
> # The syntax is:
> #    RA_LOCAL_DIRECTION="local:src"
> #    RA_LOCAL_DIRECTION="local:dst"

I'm not sure I understand this one.
Is it only for cases where the direction is ' ? ' that this variable is 
used? So the real benefit is to list these flows in a less random 
manner when this happens?

Then I have two questions:
Why do this variable have the string 'local:' in it? Wouldn't it suffice 

The variable name "RA_LOCAL_DIRECTION" does not make me understand what 
it is all about. Perhaps "RA_DEFAULT_DIRECTION" or something would be a 
better name? (...if I have correctly understood the meaning of the 
feature, that is)


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