netflow v9 in 3.0.5

Carter Bullard carter at
Thu Sep 1 11:18:17 EDT 2011

Hey Greg,
The netflow v9 support is a part of our flow-tools, sflow, jflow, netflow v9 support effort, which started in argus-3.0.5.
We have full flow-tools support now, and most of sflow, although I need more time and data to make progress.

For netflow v9, we should be recognizing that the stream is netflow, is version 9, and we should be able to at
least run through the stream, recognizing the templates, options, and the flow set Id's, but we aren't parsing any
data yet.

Do you have some v9 data that you can share?


On Sep 1, 2011, at 9:19 AM, Greg wrote:

> Hi, I noticed 3.0.5 source already has tidbits referring to netflow v9 support, but I wasn't able to get that functionality working yet. Is v9 support still highly beta?
> Thanks,
> Greg

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