Export to Netflow

el draco eldraco at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 10:23:44 EDT 2011

Hi guys! how are you?

I have a problem I hope you can help me with.

I'm trying to read an argus file and export it as NetFlows. Right now
I'm creating them by hand after the output of ra client. Is there any
better way?
Because some information, like the flags, are not easy to convert from
argus to netflow.

All I want is a NetFlow-compatible output file. I need that any
program using NetFlows can read my output without problems.

I know that argus and netflows have differences, like the
bidirectional/directional issue. But I'm only looking for my ra client
output to look as NetFlow as much as possible.

Can you help me here?

Thanks in advance!


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