argus[-clients]-3.0.6 release preparations

Carter Bullard carter at
Thu Nov 3 18:44:36 EDT 2011

Gentle people,
I am beginning the release process for argus and argus-clients-3.0.6.
If there are bugs that you have that need attention, please send email ASAP.
The biggest one on the list at this time is a bug in rasplit() where we end up
with an occasional record in 1970 when spliting based on time.  I'm working this right now.

In order to make the clients distribution a bit more useful/grokable, we've
reorganizing the directory structure to highlight what would be considered
core utilities and examples.   Core programs are still in the clients directory, all
other programs have been moved to an examples directory, where each
example has its own space, so to speak.  Some big programs like ramysql, and
ratop will now be found in the examples area.  Ratemplate.c is now in that area.
If you are developing your own clients, using the techniques of TieT, as an example,
this reorganization should not affect you at all.  If it does cause problems, holler !!!!!!!

This new organization is in argus-clients-, currently on the server.

If this sucks, or if you like it, we'd really like to hear from you, so don't be shy.
Release is looking like 1-2 weeks in Dec.

Again if there is anything that you feel like we've missed, don't hesitate to speak up.
Thanks for all the help !!!!!!!

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