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Carter Bullard carter at
Tue May 18 15:38:19 EDT 2010

Gentle people,
There is a new version of argus and its clients on the developers site that
fixes reported bugs and continues to work out the new packet processing threads
model and new output processor for argus.

This version of argus now generates 802.11 management and control flow records.
These are generated when you set the datalinktype to IEEE802_11_RADIO using
the new interface configuration strategies in /etc/argus.conf.



   argus -i en1(IEEE802_11_RADIO)/ 

This will open the en1 interface as an 802.11 radio interface and assign as the probe id.
The management flows that argus generates are a first implementation of our 802.11 beacon flow support,
and contains the ssid's and bssid's in the flow key.  In the next round, I'll have the power metrics,
retry rates, etc.  All of this support is so we can get a grip on wireless interfaces and performance.

The clients now print the field "ssid" and "bssid" so you can give it a try.

I'm headed on vacation tomorrow for a week.  If anything comes up, it will have to wait
until I get back.

Hope all is most excellent, and thanks for all the help!!!!!!


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