argus- some Gentoo patches

Carter Bullard carter at
Tue May 4 00:37:57 EDT 2010

Hey Peter,
I've added your changes to argus-, which I should upload tomorrow.
If you see that I messed something up, just holler!!!!


On Apr 29, 2010, at 5:07 AM, Peter Volkov wrote:

> Hi, Carter. In Gentoo we bundle some patches for argus and I think it's
> good idea to include them upstream. Please, review and apply if
> appropriate:
> 1. disable-tcp-wrappers-automagic just adds ./configure switch to allow
> users avoid linking with libwrap even if it is installed on system. (by
> Jeroen Roovers)
> 2. autoconf-2.65 is a patch to make argus buildable with autoconf-2.65.
> In other case it fails like reported in bug:
> 3. override-CFLAGS.patch is a patch to allow user set desired
> optimization level. In other case argus forces -O3.
> With best regards,
> -- 
> Peter.
> <argus-3.0.2-disable-tcp-wrappers-automagic.patch><argus-><argus->

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