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Attribute specification is not trivial, type, size, key, null possibilities, so I'm not in favor, but if its important......
The key concept should be relational database, so you can have other tables, just need a common key.  We put in autoid, to generate an independent I'd that could be used as a relational key.  Getting the autoid value s not hard.

How about that.


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What would it take to be able to add a semi-arbitrary list of fields to
tables when created,
e.g. something like

  rasqlinsert -s +label,autoid,dur,CUSTOM1,CUSTOM2,...,CUSTOMN


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On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:37 AM, George Jones <fooologist at> wrote:

> So, what would the ralabel.conf look like if I wanted *all* records on
> input to be labeled "foo" ?
> Thanks,
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> Hey George,
> Well, you could do this (leaving out a lot of specifics)
>    ... | ralabel -f ralabel.conf -w - | rasqlinsert -M label="foo" -s +label
> where ralabel.conf specifies how flows are labeled and "foo" is a regular
> expression that will match from the label buffer.   This will insert flows
> that match a particular label into a specified database table.

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