read with ra a ralabel geoip file

Carter Bullard carter at
Tue Dec 15 15:04:52 EST 2009

Hey Jean-Marc,
Yes, use the "label" printing keyword, but be sure and give it a generous length:

    ra -r argus.out -s +label:64

You should see something like:

and colon separated fields that have data in it.  The format is pretty simple MetaData
syntax, something like "object=[value,...][:object=[value,...]]".


On Dec 15, 2009, at 1:29 PM, jean-marc pouchoulon wrote:

> hello argus list,
> I have generated with ralabel a file with geoip label
> I can grep  city names in the generated file  but  how to read it with ra and print city lon... label ?
> thanks for help
> jean-marc

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