Periscope, an Argus client and WebGUI.

Mike Marseglia mike at
Fri Dec 11 13:26:47 EST 2009

Hello Argus Community,

 For almost a year OSHEAN has been developing an Argus client.  The
client, named Periscope, receives data from an Argus server, stores it
in a PostgreSQL database and displays it via a Web GUI.  The GUI is
designed to handle multiple users and different reporting views.  All
code is released under the GPLv2.

 OSHEAN provides management, facilities, a test environment, a small
intern budget and code repository/wiki for the project but we need
help completing the project.  If members the Argus community are
interested in an Argus WebGUI client please consider participating on
our development team or a project sponsorship.

 Please contact me directly if your institution is interested in
supporting this project.

Thank you,

Mike Marseglia, OSHEAN
w. 401-886-0887 x208
c. 401-248-4867
e. mike at

OSHEAN Inc., (pronounced ocean) is a consortium of non-profit
organizations that was formed to foster the development of a
communications infrastructure for Rhode Island's research,
educational, and public service community.  OSHEAN currently has
twenty-eight members in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. Our
membership includes all of the institutions of higher education in
Rhode Island, some of Rhode Island state government, six health care
organizations,  five institutions of higher education in Massachusetts
and K-12 schools and public libraries through our member RINET.

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