Rastream call script zombie

Peter Van Epp vanepp at sfu.ca
Fri Dec 11 00:43:19 EST 2009

On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 08:19:00AM +0800, CS Lee wrote:
> hi matt,
> May i know which OS platform are you on where you have zombie process for
> rastream call script, I remember I have it on FreeBSD but not on linux,
> therefore please do let me know further.
> Cheers
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> Best Regards,
> CS Lee<geek00L[at]gmail.com>
> http://geek00l.blogspot.com
> http://defcraft.net

	So far I'm with Carter (i.e. it works for me :-)). On both the 
FreeBSD 7.1 system and Centos 5.4 the following command (taken from Matt's
original email and adjusted to local taste :-)) is running fine without 
creating zombies both locally on the Freebsd box (which is the sensor) and
the Centos box (across the network on a socket). As noted both OSes are 32 bit
on 64 bit machines. I'll leave it go over night and see if anything changes
but its done a couple of cycles now with no apparant zombies. If thats still
true tomorrow I'll see about installing 64 bit Centos and see if that makes
a difference. As I recall Matt's box may be going quite fast (mine certainly
isn't, its on an ADSL connection :-)) although I'm not sure that should make
a difference. 

/usr/local/bin/rastream -S -M time 10m -B 10s -f /usr/local/src/argus-clients-3.0.2/support/Config/rastream.sh -w /tmp/argus.%Y_%m_%d_%H%M.out

	To change topics, I just ordered a bunch of 1U dual 3 gig Xenon 1U 
servers with 4 gigs of ram and 3 pcix slots with the intent of moving them
to deskside cases to be able to use the PCIX slots for test boxes for around
$100 US and some Rockwell GPS receivers for $9.95 with PPS output (haven't
got these yet to try out though) from http://www.weirdstuff.com. An
active antenna with the (I hope) correct plug is available for ~$6 Canadian
from http://www.suntekstore.ca/universal-mcx-antenna-active-gain-for-gps.html.
May be worth a look if you want a cheap NTP source as I do :-).

Peter Van Epp

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