Argus 3.0 dies in daemon mode

Carter Bullard carter at
Thu Sep 4 09:32:56 EDT 2008

Hey Michael,
It should set up the PID using real uid and gid, but I'll look into it  
And it looks like I need to improve the error reporting around the PID  
Is syslog() different on CentOS (i know thats a bad question, but I  
know much about CentOS)?  Just wondering why we don't get a syslog
message in the ArgusError() call.

But with the changes, you're now running?


On Sep 4, 2008, at 12:06 AM, Michael Grinnell wrote:

> It does seem to be a PID permissions issue.  Commenting out the  
> ARGUS_SETUSER_ID and ARGUS_SETGROUP_ID fixes the issue.  Commenting  
> out the freopen calls yields:
> ArgusError: argus[27674]: 03 Sep 08 23:43:31.530640 daemon cannot  
> create pid file
> The default PID file location is /var/run, which is chmod 755 and  
> chown root:root.
> Does it try to create the PID file before set_uid or after?
> Michael
> On Sep 3, 2008, at 7:31 PM, Tomoyuki Sakurai wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 05:05:46PM -0400, Carter Bullard wrote:
>>> Hey Michael,
>>> If you feel adventurous, comment out the two "freopen()" calls in
>>> argus.c,
>>> recompile, and then see what kind of messages you get.  If you're  
>>> not
>>> that adventurous, take out the GENERATE_PID directive in the  
>>> argus.conf
>>> file.  You maybe getting a "Can't create PID directory/file" like
>>> error message.
>> I also experienced the same problem before. When argus runs as non- 
>> root
>> user, it cannnot create pid file. Very likely if you run argus using
>> startup script like one provided by OS (I don't know much about  
>> CentOS).
>> Argus should log something like "cannot open file: $!"
>> -- 
>> Tomoyuki Sakurai

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