latest argus?

Carter Bullard carter at
Fri Mar 17 11:15:43 EST 2006

Hey Tim,
There are really hundreds of these types of packages, and
each has its benefits.  If we were to open it up, I'd be willing to
bet that .Net would get some votes, and although its not a bad
system at all, it really can't be a candidate, for obvious reasons.

But source code control and package distribution strategies should
be in the same discussion, in a lot of ways, because our source
code control scheme is also our product distribution strategy.
So I would also like to understand how to provide a good
distribution mechanism for users of the code as well as source.

Is this something that is well developed and understood in the real  
Autoupdates?  Something like redhat network, or perl's cpan.  Do
we need to do something in the code to facilitate these types of  
Probably, simple stuff like version numbering schemes is more important
that other things.

I have not researched this at all, but it is something that is  
Sorry to hijack your response, but I am interested in picking a
strategy that has a good bang for its bucks, so to speak.

What do you think?


On Mar 17, 2006, at 10:56 AM, Tim Lavoie wrote:

> Hi Carter,
> I'm pretty new to Argus itself, so I won't comment as someone who is
> adding to the code. However, darcs is quite a nice package for
> distributed revision control, and is very simple to use.
> Here's one posting about it, which links to darcs' site itself:
>   Cheers,
>   Tim

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