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eric eric-list-argus at
Wed Mar 15 10:18:55 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 09:47:53 -0500, Carter Bullard proclaimed...

>    Argus and the clients are going to be the same program set as
>    argus-2.0 plus one program.
>       argus
>       ra
>       racount
>       ragator (renamed racluster)
>       ragraph
>       ragrep
>       rapolicy
>       rarpwatch
>       rasplit (added program)
>       rasort
>       rastrip
>       ratop
>       raxml

This is excellent news! Thank you Carter.
>    I won't be able to provide ranonymize() or rapath() in the first  wave,
>    and the other programs are pretty much integrated into the other
>    programs (rahosts, ramon, rasrvstats)
>    The contrib perl code will have to be redone, but hopefully that  will
>    not be hard, since the output is pretty much the same (some format
>    changes, column name changes, but not anything huge).
> Any opinions about the list above?

Everyone will LOVE rasplit! :) 

I think the drugs from Carter's surgery had some effect! :)

- Eric

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