Argus and MTP

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Tue Jan 10 01:33:01 EST 2006

I'd talked with those guys several times (at JointTechs), but not since
maybe a year ago.  As I recall, their stuff is essentially optimized for
pipelining IDS processing, I didn't think they'd deliver packets to the OS
very fast -- unless you're working with them to distribute argus (which
didn't sound too likely)..

That was a while ago, and things maybe have changed, but I was under the
impression that there would be better general-purpose network cards for
this..  They may be at the next JT again, so I'll see what they're up to.


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> Hi,
> Has anyone had any experience of running Argus on top of Metanetworks
> MTP cards?
> We have been running some tests, on Fedora (customised kernel 2.6.11)
> with Argus Version 2.0.6, and an MTP card (
> If we run an nmap against a machine on the network, I can see the
> traffic using TCPdump (so the card is picking it up and forwarding it
> to the OS), but argus doesnt seem to pick the traffic up - at best it
> sees about four packets ... has anyone else seen this / something
> obvious I should try?
> Patrick
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