directions and TransRefNum

Mark Poepping poepping at
Fri Jun 10 20:50:07 EDT 2005

So Eric, which Internet2 site (I see that hops off in
Chicago, but which U or affiliate?), and what (all) do you use argus for?
What management scripts are you using for start/stop and data management?

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> > I'd be interested to hear what/where you're using argus for data.  I've
> been
> > helping some CS folks here with using argus data for some time, and we
> use
> > it for security forensics, but I'd like to get a better handle on the
> how
> > and where people use it, partly because I'm also 'connected' to the
> Abilene
> > (and NLR) folks and it might be possible to get argus a little more on
> their
> > radar (if others find it as incrementally useful as I do - vv netflow)..
> We're an I2 connected site, but we use the commercial version of argus. It
> tends to keep up mostly with our 1200Mbps linkage, but sometimes things go
> haywire and require restarting.

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