argus.2.0.6.fixes.1 on OBSD 3.7

Russell Fulton r.fulton at
Mon Aug 22 23:54:33 EDT 2005

HI Folks,
	This is my first serious foray into using argus on Open BSD.  First thing I tripped over was that I got the original 2.0.6 distro from qosient and it would not use the -F conf.file.  I then remembered that there had been a fix version and got that from the /dev/ directory.  I've emailed Carter to say that he really should put the fixed version in /pub/ :)

Now it keeps dying with memory problems: 

Aug 23 13:06:29 hihi argus_bpf[27318]: started
Aug 23 13:30:51 hihi argus_bpf[27318]: ArgusNewFlow() ArgusCalloc error Cannot allocate memory. 
Aug 23 13:30:51 hihi argus_bpf[27682]: client(/home/argus/data/current) done. 

The box has 512MB real memory and a GB of swap.  I'm running other linux sensors on this network with less memory.  

I remember Eric and Peter mentioning kernel memory being an issue with some BSD systems but could not find the posts in the archive.

BTW I'm using the generic kernel.


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