No rule to make target `../lib/argus_common.a'

Mike Iglesias iglesias at
Fri Aug 12 11:01:14 EDT 2005

> 	What OS and a listing of the failure would both be useful. That said
> as I recall the problem in the other case was the copy of bpf.h in 
> argus-clients-2.0.6.fixes.1/include/net/bpf.c was old. I think either removing
> it and letting it find the system one or replacing it with the system copy was
> what fixed the other person. One of the later libpcaps also changed the name
> of this file as I recall in which case a symlink fixes it.

If what Peter is describing is the problem you are having, this patch
fixed the problem for me on Fedora Core 3.

*** gencode.c~  2004-02-23 07:00:36.000000000 -0800
--- gencode.c   2005-01-27 17:02:46.000000000 -0800
*** 59,65 ****
--- 59,68 ----
  #include <stdlib.h>
  #include <syslog.h>

+ /*
  #include <net/bpf.h>
+ */
+ #include <pcap-bpf.h>

  #include <argus_out.h>
  #include <argus_filter.h>

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