argusarchive (rasort) segfaulting

Harry Hoffman hhoffman at
Wed Aug 10 14:48:28 EDT 2005


So, I'm not sure exactly how this happened... argusarchive and rasort have
been working nicely for quite some time now. I began to notice that all of
my archived files no longer had any data in them and so manually stepped
through argusarchive to discover that it was a problem with rasort.

I'm running this on a Redhat AS3 box dual 3.6Ghz procs and 5Gb of memory.

The argus data file is ~ 600Mb in size.

It seems that ArgusCalloc() isn't too happy but I'm not quite sure why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A clip of the code shows:
void *
ArgusCalloc (int nitems, int size)
   unsigned int *retn = NULL;
   int bytes = nitems * size;

   if (size) {
      retn = (unsigned int *) calloc (1, bytes + 4);

      *retn = 0x45672381;

   ArgusDebug (4, "ArgusCalloc (%d, %d) returning 0x%x\n", nitems, size,
   return ((void *) retn);

[hhoffman at localhost ~]$ gdb /usr/bin/rasort
(gdb) set args -r argus.out-2005-08-10 -w argus.out-2005-08-10.sorted
(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/bin/rasort -r argus.out-2005-08-10 -w
Detaching after fork from child process 19314.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
ArgusCalloc (nitems=2, size=0) at argus_filter.c:5210
5210    argus_filter.c: No such file or directory.
        in argus_filter.c
(gdb) where
#0  ArgusCalloc (nitems=2, size=0) at argus_filter.c:5210
#1  0x080643ab in RaNewArgusStore (argus=0xbfff9d00) at argus_client.c:730
#2  0x0804a350 in RaProcessRecord (argus=0xbfff9d00) at rasort.c:155
#3  0x0804bca3 in ArgusHandleDatum (ptr=0x826f934, filter=0x0)
    at argus_parse.c:754
#4  0x0804e8e1 in ArgusReadStreamSocket (input=0x826f6ac) at
#5  0x0804f44c in ArgusReadStream () at argus_parse.c:2712
#6  0x0804b6c9 in main (argc=5, argv=0xbfffaf64) at argus_parse.c:610

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