port numbers missing from argus records

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Apr 20 01:13:18 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 19:03 -0700, Peter Van Epp wrote:

> 	Ah, the previous bug which begats the one this fix is for. \t is 
> broken (as I recall the code \t isn't a valid delimiter I think it really
> wants cntrl-I in there) but by that time I had made this change and didn't
> worry about it.

Ah! indeed.  I think I have found the problem:

in get_argus_string (file argus_util.c) a buffer is built for output
from the argus record.  First there is a loop which writes the fields
into the buffer.  Some of these fields are delimited by the RA_DELIMITER
others are separated by spaces (???? I'm sure Carter had a good reason
at the time :)

If the output is delimited then this is followed by another loop the
works its way down the buffer removing all strings of white space
( while (isspace((int)*str)) str++ )
and replacing them with a single delimiter.  Thus if your delimiter is
'\t' two delimiters get replaced by one -- exactly what I was seeing.

I have replaced that line (argus_util:2888) by : 
        while (*str == ' ' ) str++;
which in the context is, I believe, functionally equivalent (and faster)
and will allow tabs as a delimiter.

I've had it running in parallel with the original version and it is now
correctly handling the "null" port records that the old version spits

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself :)  It must be about 5 years since
I last delved into the guts of argus to fix a bug!

Cheers, Russell

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