[ARGUS] Bus Error (core dumped) on Solaris 8

C. Tate Baumrucker tate.baumrucker at callisma.com
Tue Sep 7 17:11:15 EDT 2004

Anyone successfully run ra 2.0.6 (fixes.1) on Sol8? 
Argus appears to work well, but ra dumps core under certain conditions.
I was able to successfully compile ra without any major difficulties 
(make install errors in places). 
ra dumps when attempting to read an Argus file (-r) or stdin.  Likewise 
with the other ra* binaries.
ra does seem to function properly when using the -S option to attach to 
the Argus socket. 

Also,  can anyone explain what the ra -s output "load" and "rate" 
represent and how they are calculated?  I'm interested in monitoring 
latency, loss, and jitter passively in my network using Argus ....

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