ramon -M HostSvc

Andrew Pollock andrew-argus at andrew.net.au
Sun Sep 14 23:34:29 EDT 2003

Hi Carter,

I'm playing with the new -M HostSvc option for ramon, and trying to work 
out how best to use it to provide the breakdown for the billing totals I 
produce with ramon -M TopN...

So far, the breakdown I have seems to involve showing only the outbound 
half of the flow, i.e. for a bunch of webservers, I get a Dport column 
that has a whole pile of ephemeral ports for what would have been the 
reply traffic going back to the webservers' clients. As we charge for 
inbound, we're more interested in a breakdown of the inbound traffic. 
Obviously for a webserver, it's mainly going to show how much went to port 
80 or 443, but this is more what we're after.

I'm currently invoking ramon the same way as I do to produce the billing 
total, with an additional -M HostSvc option. Is this correct, or should I 
be substituting the TopN for the HostSvc?



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