Argus on HP-UX

Carter Bullard carter at
Fri Sep 5 17:03:11 EDT 2003

Hey Eric,
   HP-UX has not been a good choice for an argus monitor
up until version 11i, as the libpcap support is limited
(no outbound packet capture) if working at all.  You
may have to buy a bunch of additional library packages,
such as the streams package to get the DLPI interfaces
to work in earlier versions, etc....  Check out the
libpcap INSTALL.txt and README.hpux file on notes for

   Some say if you have the 11i, then it works, but
I haven't heard any performance data for HP machines.


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> We're looking to get a fairly heavy processing machine to go
> through argus data; you know -- the kind with bells, whistles,
> toasters, and even a coffee maker!
> If anyone can contact me off-list about the experiences you've
> had, if any, running Argus on HP-UX, I'd greatly appreciate it.
> We're currently trying to figure out if HP-UX will work, or if
> Solaris would be a better choice.
> Thank you.
> - Eric

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