Processing speed of ra utilities

Geoff Powell geoff at
Mon Sep 1 22:05:53 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm using scripts to do a lot of similar processes on the same argus data
file (which is quite large), and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way I 
can speed up the process, and reduce the time it takes for ra utilities 
to produce results.

Some examples of the commands I'm doing:
racount -n -r large-file.out - src net c.class.ip.1/32
racount -n -r large-file.out - dst net c.class.ip.2/32
racount -n -r large-file.out - src net c.class.ip.3/32
...all the way to 254/32.

After that I might look at specific ports/ip protocols for each IP address
in the c class.

I'm guessing racount has to process each transaction? When the argus 
data file size is 50Mb+, even though the computer doing the processing is 
reasonably fast (Dual Xeon 1.5Ghz with 2gb of ram), each racount command 
usually takes around 30sec-1min.

Is there way I can speed up the process, like running multiple racounts, 
using ragator or another application?

Thanks for any help

Geoff (geoff at

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