Bug in ramon?

Jesper S. Jensen jesper.skou.jensen at uni-c.dk
Tue Oct 7 10:28:49 EDT 2003

Jesper S. Jensen wrote:

> Carter Bullard wrote:
>>    One thing to do is to write your own perl script to eat
>> the output of ramon() letting perl do the 64-bit variable
>> thing.  Ragraph does this type of operation, but its buried
>> deep in the script.
> Good idea, Steve already did that I can se, thanks for that Steve.

But it wasn't quite what I wanted. So I thought I might as well learn a
bit of pearl, and then whipped this up (se the attached file)

I've made a few <10 lines Perl scripts before, but this is my first
major perl script, so there might be stuff that's easier made. Feel free
to enlighten me, if there is something that's completly insane in it. :-)

It took quite a few hours to make, mainly because I had to learn Perl at
the same time. So I hope there are others out there, that can use this
little script.

>  > More likely contributed perl scripts will happen before that!!!
> Heh, ok.

Maybe you can use the script I made. There might be a lot of stuff in it
that can't be used, but the basic parts are there. Feel free to use them.


    Jesper S. Jensen
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