argus-server: argus interface monitoring confusion

Carter Bullard carter at
Mon May 19 18:33:17 EDT 2003

Hey Steve,
    Yes we could do that, but the consensus
on the list is that there is never a reason for
the same argus to read the same interface twice.
Now there is a lot of reason to have two argi
read the same interface, but not the same argus.

   Can you think of a scenario where this would


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> Just to throw my 2c into the ring:
> is it possible to perhaps send an warning/error to STDERR/whatever if 
> argus detects that it would be opening the same interface twice?
> Thus it would allow you to do so (current behaviour), but you 
> would get 
> a warning that this might not be what you're after??
> - Steve

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