argus-server: argus interface monitoring confusion

Mark Poepping poepping at
Fri May 16 08:59:59 EDT 2003

Trying to help clarify...

If argus.conf specifies two interfaces, then
	-i eth0 -F argus.conf
would override the interface definitions altogether and only listen on eth0.

Does that also make sense for filter definitions and all other options?


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> Hi all,
> I second that: In my opinion, commandline arguments should
> override configuration files. And to make it less confusing
> this should be independent of the order of the "-F config-file"
> option and all the other command line options (so "-F foo -i eth0"
> should behave the same as "-i eth0 -F foo".
> I am not sure whether the "-F foo1 -F foo2" really makes
> sense in any case, I tend to think it just causes
> confusion and should be avoided/removed. If anyone needs
> this feature he should speak up now. If for compatibility
> reasons we have to stick to this, ok, but then this should
> be documented somewhere.
> Cheers,
> Olaf
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