argus-server: argus interface monitoring confusion

Scott A. McIntyre scott at
Fri May 16 01:07:41 EDT 2003

> this level of flexibility.  So, I'm for fixing the
> problem with opening the same interface twice, but
> it's not true that there is a general rule that
> the command line has precedence.
> Opinions?


I'd prefer to see the situation whereby if a configuration file is 
specified then all values included therein are used, UNLESS they are 
overridden on the command line; regardless of order.

Thus, for the examples:

>   argus -i eth0 -F argus.conf
> where the argus.conf file specifies interface eth1?

Argus should only open eth0, regardless of what the configuration file 
says.  I see configuration files as being the static assignments for the 
purpose of an invocation of Argus; I have several that I will specify 
depending upon the task I want to undertake.  Sometimes, though I just want 
a simple modification, so I'll want to specify a value on the command line 
and have it use that.

>   argus -F argus.conf -i eth0
> should argus behave the same in both situations?  It

In my view, it should behave the same, with the command line -i overriding 
any interface definitions in the configuration file.

And finally:

>   argus -F arg1.conf -F arg2.conf -F arg3.conf

That's a trickier one, and personally I'd prefer to think that in the case 
of multiple configuration files being specified, that each one will add on 
to the list of values for new values, but override other values already 
specified via previous config files.  Yes, this could get tricky, but in my 
pre-coffee state, it also seems to make sense.



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