Argus and IPv6

Scott A. McIntyre scott at
Thu May 15 08:29:10 EDT 2003

--On Thursday, May 15, 2003 14:11 +0200 Andreas Östling <andreaso at> 

> On Thursday 15 May 2003 00.39, Carter Bullard wrote:
>> Hey Torbjorn,
>>    There aren't any formal plans for ipv6 support,
>> as there really hasn't been much demand for
>> it, you're only the second to bring it up in 2003.
> Here is the third one.
> Since we're deploying more and more ipv6, support for it in Argus would
> be of  great interest. I can hopefully contribute with some testing.
> /Andreas


We've had an actively deployed IPv6 service offering for our customers 
since 2002, and many of our centralized servers are dual v4 and v6 -- it's 
also a major buying decision for all equipment we look at in routing, etc.


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