Argus and IPv6

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed May 14 18:39:09 EDT 2003

Hey Torbjorn,
   There aren't any formal plans for ipv6 support,
as there really hasn't been much demand for
it, you're only the second to bring it up in 2003.

   There would need to be some modifications to the
basic data record, as the default record assumes
v4 addresses.  This is easy to remedy since we're
now using a TLV strategy, but adding IPv6 would
definitely mean a major version number change, which
would allow for adding some much needed format
changes, so it’s something of a big deal.

   The biggest part of the effort is demand and
testing.  If I get some level of demand and 
some commitment from testers, then we could
start next month.


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> hello,
> what is the status regarding argus and ipv6?
> /Torbjörn Wictorin, UU

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