argus exits when hit with stick

Jed Haile jhaile at
Tue May 6 14:29:37 EDT 2003

Hello All,

I have been running argus 2.0.5 on a redhat 7.3 system. When I run 
stick (an intrusion detection testing tool) against the system argus 
writes a message to syslog: "ArgusUpdateFRAGState (0x87d8f38, 1) no 
extension buffer" and then exits. Stick generates many fragmented 
packets, and other nasty stuff from many random sources, and I suspect 
this is the problem.

I ran it in a debugger, and it is definitely exiting via ArgusShutDown, 
and not segfaulting or otherwise failing.

Anything I can do to help argus handle this situation?


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