Breaking down selected traffic

Carter Bullard carter at
Mon May 5 09:29:00 EDT 2003

Hey Andrew,
   All things are possible, but we may have to make a
slight change.  The problem is that your filter is
being applied to the input as well as the output, and
you are filtering out the results.

   This is done because of the way that ramon works,
and is somewhat unavoidable for most uses of ramon.
If you were to do this:

   ra -r argus.log -w - - net x.y.z/24 | ramon -M svc net/24

you should get the results you're looking for.


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> Hi,
> I'm using ramon to work out how much traffic is going to 
> various networks
> like this:
> ramon -M TopN -M net/24 -w - -r argus.log - net x.y.z/24 | racount
> I'd like to be able to break down by service the total 
> produced (and hope
> it adds up to the total produced above), however, when I go:
> ramon -M Svc -r argus.log - net x.y.z/24
> or
> ramon -M Svc -M net/24 -r argus.log - net x.y.z/24
> I get nothing back.
> Is it possible?
> Andrew

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