Identity theft

Carter Bullard carter at
Thu Sep 12 08:39:12 EDT 2002

Hey David,
   The only reason that I mentioned it, is because
my Outlook client was hung for about 20-30 seconds
handling a piece of mail.  I've seen a lot of
virus activity lately, and I assumed that the hanging
was some bug mailing itself out to a list.  I did have
a piece of mail go out that was a bit larger than most,
so in my haste, I assumed that that was infected mail.

If I'm mistaken, let me take this time to apologize
for my apology, and if I may, any future virus
propagations that I may inadvertently cause ;o)


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> --On Thursday, September 12, 2002 8:20 AM -0400 Carter Bullard 
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> >    Please accept my apologies.  It seems that I got hit
> > by a new variant of an old virus.  New virus definitions 
> loaded, hope 
> > that's sufficient.
> >
> Are you sure you were actually hit?  The mail looks forged to 
> me, unless 
> you're in Japan right now.
> This looks like the Klez virus, which likes to find email 
> addresses on an 
> infected user's machine and forge mail to one of the addresses from 
> another.  It even looks through the user's web cache to find 
> addresses, so 
> if the infected person has browsed the Argus pages recently 
> that may have 
> been the source of addresses.
> -David Nolan
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