change in how -n works in ra

Desmond Irvine desmond.irvine at
Fri Jun 14 12:57:30 EDT 2002

I'm running the latest beta (argus-2.0.6.beta.1) and I noticed that the 
-n parameter for ra doesn't work as advertised any longer.  From the ra 
man page:

"-n  Do not translate host and service numbers to names.
-nn  will suppress translation of protocol numbers, as well. "

When I run ra with -n now this is what I see:

# ra -n -r argus
14 Jun 02 08:13:01    man version=2.0     probeid=3848370891 
14 Jun 02 11:59:01    tcp  ->     142.55.xx.yy.1214 
14 Jun 02 12:00:01    tcp   ->      142.55.xx.yy.www 
14 Jun 02 11:59:01    udp  <-> 
142.55.xx.yy.1214  CON
14 Jun 02 11:59:00    tcp  142.55.xx.yy.1054   ->   FIN
14 Jun 02 11:59:00   icmp   142.55.xx.yy       <-> 
14 Jun 02 11:59:00    tcp  142.55.xx.yy.1061   ->   FIN

Only the hostnames are not translated the service numbers are - blah! 
Using -nn nothing (hostnames, services or protocols) is translated as 
expected.  The last version of argus still supported -n as described in 
the man page.


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