Please help with filtering expresiions!

Oganes Isaakyan oganes at
Wed Jul 17 14:48:07 EDT 2002

(Sorry if I'm writing to the wrong mailing list)
I've played a little with Argus software and now I'm absolutely confused. It looks like argus wrongly interprets filtering expression given in the command line. I'm running Argus such way:
argus -w ~/tmp.log -S 30 - \(ip host and ether host 00:80:AD:0B:89:52\)
ra -r ~/tmp.log
gives packets going to/from any address from/to OR packets going from/to 00:80:AD:0B:89:52 to/from any address

I've tried other brackets etc. combinations but they all work similarly. When tcpdump is called with this expression it outputs packets <-> (MAC addr. 00:80:AD:0B:89:52).
May be I'm doing smth. wrong, or...?

Thanks, Oganes

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